Indiana University Bloomington guarantees that all students selected as Hudson and Holland Scholars will receive funding to cover in-state tuition and mandatory fees (or equal to the amount of in-state tuition and mandatory fees, for non-resident students).

This funding may include scholarships and/or gift aid from Hudson and Holland, IU, state, and federal sources. View your financial aid in One.IU to see details of your particular awards—and check back for updates throughout the spring.

HHSP Scholarship

Every HHSP student pursuing a bachelor’s degree at IU receives the HHSP Scholarship, which is allocated on a yearly basis for up to four years (or eight consecutive semesters). The HHSP award is renewed every academic year as long as the student maintains at least a 3.00 GPA.

Students are eligible for eight consecutive semesters of the HHSP award. This implies that students who pause their studies at IU may lose eligibility for the HHSP scholarship. Students who withdraw or transfer from IU for no more than two semesters may request reinstatement into HHSP. Other circumstances may be considered on a case-by-case basis.