• Assisting students as they transition into and adjust to life at IU Bloomington
  • Educating students about academic programs and enrichment opportunities
  • Preparing students to enter their chosen career field
  • Challenging students to pursue meaningful experiences inside and outside the classroom
  • Helping students with long range planning, including assistance with graduate and professional school goals
  • Providing a familiar face that cares about your academic, personal and professional growth
  • Assisting students in preparation for graduation and life after IU

Each Hudson & Holland Scholar is assigned an HHSP advisor. For first semester freshmen students, your go-to primary academic advisor for course planning, registration and major-related questions is determined by your incoming student status. The chart below shows who your primary academic advisor is depending if you enter as a pre-major, University Division (UD) student or as a Direct Admit student:

University Division (UD)


Direct Admit (DA)

Certified or admitted into major

Primary academic advisor is your HHSP advisor UNTIL you are admitted or certified into your major program*

Primary academic advisor is always your departmental (major) advisor**

HHSP program advisor becomes secondary academic advisor AFTER you are admitted or certified into major

HHSP program advisor is secondary academic advisor

You may have assigned advisors in other offices including: 21st Century Scholars, Group Scholars, Hutton Honors College, Athletics, etc.

You may also have assigned advisors in other offices including: 21st Century Scholars, Group Scholars, Hutton Honors College, Athletics, etc.

*Exception - Your Groups Scholar advisor or Athletics advisor is PRIMARY advisor. **Exception - Your Athletics advisor is PRIMARY advisor.


Your Hudson & Holland advisor – and any other assigned advisors you have at IU – will be listed on your Student Center academic page and will also be listed when you enter the Student appointment Scheduler (SAS).

Always use the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS) to make an appointment to see your HHSP advisor. You will be able to pull up your advisor’s appointment calendar on SAS, check for available appointment times and schedule a 30 minute meeting or see when drop-in hours are available. Drop-in meetings are not available outside of the posted hours on advisor calendar.

Available drop-in advising hours – first come, first served – will be listed on your HHSP advisor’s calendar in the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS).  Drop-in advising does not have to be reserved and is meant for short 5-10 minute discussions. The 30 minute advising appointments that students reserve through SAS are meant for more complex issues including major/minor planning, course registration planning, course problems, academic difficulty or other issues needing more time.

Come to the OVPDEI Building at 300 N Jordan Ave and come through front door. There is a computer check-in kiosk near the reception desk and you sign in there which alerts advisor that you are there for appointment or for drop-in hours. Take the elevator up to the floor 3R and wait in reception area until your advisor comes out to greet you.

As indicated in the information above, UD students will use their HHSP advisor as primary academic advisor until they certify or are admitted into their major. Direct Admit freshmen and upperclassmen now in their major will use their departmental advisor as their primary academic advisor for major planning and course registration advising. But your HHSP advisor is your advisor for all four years and in addition to assisting with program advising can also connect you to IU resources and help with degree-related questions.  Just remember, your actual major advisor will always be the best and most timely source of information concerning your degree requirements, course planning and resources and opportunities within your major program.

HHSP Requirements for advising meetings differ by year in school so please go to the information on advising requirements for your current class year (determined by number of years in college not by credit hours) which are listed in the LEAD Requirements section of HHSP website.

You can see the HHSP Wellness and Retention advisor, Precious Majors,  by making an appointment with him through the Student Appointment Scheduler (SAS). He is available and eager to meet with you to offer support and to discuss any number of issues both academic and non-academic that may be affecting your academic progress and success. If we receive information that a student may be struggling in courses during a semester or if we see a student’s GPA is dropping below scholarship level then we will require them to come in for consultation with the retention advisor to discuss the situation, address any current problems and determine what resources might help resolve the situation. Our goal is always to help students maintain their full scholarship funding and maintain degree progress toward graduation.

If you are a pre-major, University Division (UD) student then you must see your HHSP advisor for academic planning and course planning. There is an advising “hold” on student ability to register for next semester classes until the UD student has seen their assigned HHSP advisor for course advising and had the hold removed. For students admitted or certified in their major, there is also a course registration advising hold until they see advisor but remember that only your major advisor – not your HHSP advisor – can remove that hold.

Advisors do not register students for classes or control any drop/add procedures, all registration transactions are completed by students themselves. Planning is done through the iGPS course planner and then the actual registration for courses is done through a student’s Student Center. Please consult the course registration tutorial video for more information.