Welcome Freshman Hudson and Holland Scholars

Congratulations on your acceptance into the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program!

You are joining a cohort of high achieving students who are active members of an academic, personal and professional development support program focused on promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion on the IU campus. We look forward to meeting you and working with you to achieve your educational and career goals and are excited to invite you to take your first steps toward academic excellence by enrolling in either one of two freshmen courses that will fulfill your HHSP freshmen course requirement.

If you are in the Groups Program you are exempt from this requirement. Otherwise, all incoming HHSP freshmen must enroll in either a HHSP designated Intensive Freshmen Seminar (IFS) class in August or enroll in EDUC-U 215 for fall semester.

Please go here to learn more about the two course options – summer IFS or Fall EDUC-U 215 – and see which option works best for you.

Welcome back to our returning Hudson & Holland Scholars!

We look forward to seeing you in person again or maybe in person for the first time. Either way, glad that the campus will be open again for all of us to meet in a non-virtual environment.

One major piece of news that we want to share with you - the Hudson & Holland Scholars Program has a new Director, Dr. Carl Darnell, and a new program focus. The biggest and most important change to share right now is:

There are no longer LEAD activity requirements to complete as part of your scholarship renewal.

We will continue to put on HHSP and co-sponsored programming for our scholars but these are going to be great academic, leadership and professional development opportunities for you and not requirements that you need to complete to keep your scholarship. The annual scholarship funding amount will still be awarded based on IU GPA and required semester credit enrollment.

A Community of Scholars

The Hudson & Holland Scholars Program (HHSP) is a scholarship and support program for high achieving underrepresented minorities. The program provides scholarship funding as well as a variety of opportunities to enrich and support the holistic needs of students. This community of 2,000 talented scholars are among the best and brightest students at Indiana University, whose presence and contributions embody the program’s core values of leadership, engagement, academics, and diversity.

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I plan to attend law school, all because HHSP organized a visit to the law school and I realized I loved it. HHSP has been the one organization that has always been there for me, in many ways, and I am forever grateful.

Arantxa Recarte, Class of 2020

$10.2 millionAwarded to Hudson & Holland Scholars in 2018

3.50average GPA for close to half of scholars

2,100enrolled students make Hudson & Holland Scholars Program the largest merit-based scholarship program at IU

Scholar Spotlight

Miryea IxChel Cisneros

Making STEM successful

Since my freshman year I have been part of an organization called STEM Outreach.

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Spandan Garg

Accounting for the Future

Involvement within the community is key to growing as a person and student.

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