L.E.A.D. Requirements

Leadership | Engagement | Academics | Diversity

The Hudson & Holland Scholars Program (HHSP) is built upon the four pillars of holistic scholar success: Leadership, Engagement, Academics, and Diversity (L.E.A.D.). Scholars have a greater chance of achieving academic, career, and personal success by regularly attending advising meetings and participating in Leadership, Engagement, Academics, and Diversity activities. Your good standing in the program will be determined not just by your cGPA and enrollment status but also by your compliance with the HHSP L.E.A.D. requirements.

Making a Difference

Community, Self-Care, & Experience

Academic Excellence

Diverse Perspective

Hudson & Holland scholars are leaders in training with a vision of both making and leaving the world a better place. Through experiential activities, scholars will gain personal and professional skills that will equip them to be effective leaders and ethical citizens during your undergraduate career and throughout their lifetime.

The engagement requirement is in place to ensure the Scholars get the most out of their undergraduate education and feel a greater sense of belonging in HHSP and at IU. The Engagement requirement has three components: HHSP Community Engagement, Wellness & Retention, and Professional Development.

Hudson & Holland scholars are dedicated students who strive for academic excellence, but even high-achieving students need support and guidance. Scholars receive the support they need through the academics requirement, which promotes advising and connects Scholars to academic resources provided by HHSP and the broader IU campus.

The diversity requirement encompasses a wide variety of experiences that challenge your worldview and expose you to people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Diversity-related experiences can be educational, artistic, cultural, political, service-related, etc. and can touch upon topics such as ethnicity, race, privilege, sexuality, and more.


Student Club
Community Service
Peer Mentor
Tutoring & Teaching
Service to HHSP
Resident Assistant


HHSP Social Events
HHSP Hiking Trip
Counseling & Psychological Services
Career/Internship Fair
Creative Activity & Research


Advising Meetings
Meetings with Peer Coach,
Attending Tutoring Sessions,
Meeting Professors for Office Hours,
Freshman Seminars,


Culture Center Events,
First Thursdays,
Overseas Experiences,
Diversity-related Courses,
Multicultural Student Clubs,
Culture Fest

L.E.A.D. Your path to success

Think of the HHSP L.E.A.D. requirements more as a pathway of enriching opportunities and experiences that will guide you in developing into leaders, enable you to have satisfying undergraduate careers at IU, and prepare you for rewarding futures.